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The Abolition of Slavery. The British Debate (1787-1840)

The Abolition of Slavery. The British Debate (1787-1840)
The Abolition of Slavery. The British Debate (1787-1840)
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This book covers the three British campaigns for abolition, the first one going from 1787 to 1807 and leading to the abolition of the slave trade, the second one from 1807 to 1833, when abolitionists strove to obtain gradual emancipation and slaves became "apprentices", and the third one, from 1833 to 1840, when planters were granted financial compensation for the loss of their slaves and apprentices became free at last.


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Part I : The Atlantic slave trade, plantation societies and the early debate

Early slave trades and the specificity of the Atlzantic slave trade -- Chronological evolutions. AA close-up on the British slave trade -- Plantation societies -- The early debate

Part II : The abolition debate until 1807

The economic context -- The French Revolution, the 1793 abolition, Haiti and the first slave revolts -- The religious component of abolitionism, Quakers, Methodists and Evangelicals -- Abolitionist campaigns, petitions and sugar boycott -- Abolitionism, radicalism and conservatism -- The institutional debate, Parliamentary debate and government policy

Part III : The emancipation debate. The second campaign, 1807-1833

The economic and social context -- English blacks, slave narratives and slave rebellions in the West Indies -- First governmental measures and the battle in Parliament, 1807-1833 -- Militant abolitionism. Anti-slavery organizations and the extra-parliamentary campaign -- Opposing emancipation, the planters' lobby

Part IV : Apprentiship and emancipation, 1833-1840

Compensation for the planters -- Apprenticeship -- The third campaign

Conclusion  --  Bibliography  --  Appendix : A chronology of abolition and emancipation -- Glossary -- Extracts


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Cécile RÉVAUGER is a professor of english studies at Bordeaux University and a specialist of 18th-century british, american and west indian history.

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