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Droits étrangers - Foreign rights

Droits étrangers - Foreign rights






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Foreign Rights catalogue 2017-1


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Selection of published translations



La democrazia dei creduloni by Aracne editrice 

La démocratie des crédules / Gérald Bronner


Un mondo interconnesso. Notizie immediatamente disponibili. Un mercato mondiale in cui vendere con poco sforzo (economico e mentale) i propri prodotti cognitivi. Uno scambio immediato di opinioni e informazioni. Questo è il meraviglioso strumento che il web ha reso disponibile alle democrazie. Uno strumento che sembra però esaltare alcuni pericolosi difetti naturali del nostro modo di pensare, primo fra tutti la pigrizia mentale. Le soluzioni facili sono le più economiche: credere è molto più economico cheragionare. Il web è uno strumento di democrazia che abbiamo il dovere di difendere e affinché diventi davvero utilizzabile per nutrire la democrazia della conoscenza è necessario però imparare a utilizzarlo, è necessario arginare una pericolosa deriva verso una democrazia non già di sapienti, ma di creduloni.

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1 Kilo Kultur by C.H. Beck

1 kilo de culture générale / Florence Braunstein et Jean-François Pépin


Wie schwer wiegt Allgemeinbildung? Ziemlich schwer, denn sie erleichtert Schule, Studium, Beruf, Flirt und Smalltalk, und sie wiegt jetzt genau 1 Kilo.
Das "Kilo Kultur" gibt einen Überblick über die gesamte Kulturgeschichte der Menschheit von der Vorgeschichte bis heute.

Es lässt sich als spannender Crash-Kurs von vorne bis hinten lesen, aber es ermöglicht durch die klare Gliederung nach Epochen, Ländern und Kulturformen - Philosophie, Literatur, Musik, Architektur, Malerei u. a. - auch den gezielten Zugriff auf einzelne Themen. Das erste Kilo, das Flügel verleiht.

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Filosofie van het ware geluk by Klement

Métaphysique du bonheur réel / Alain Badiou



De fundamentele wijsgerige vraag naar de betekenis van geluk is door de consumptiedwang en de maatschappelijke realiteit die daaraan beantwoordt - die van de zelfgenoegzaamheid - naar de achtergrond gedrongen. Badiou onderzoekt hoe we deze ontwikkeling kunnen tegengaan. Het 'ware geluk' ontwaart hij in de subjectivering van het individu, een proces dat in vier etappes verloopt: van de politiek, via de poëzie en de filosofie, naar de liefde. Het gaat hem om een deelhebben van het individu aan het absolute (aan de waarheden), en daarmee om het geluk van ieder afzonderlijk.

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State and Politics by Semiotext(e)

Politique et Etat chez Deleuze et Guattari / Guillaume Sibertin-Blanc


Often approached through their “micropolitics of desire,” the joint works of Deleuze and Guattari are rarely part of the discussion when classical and contemporary problems of political thought come under scrutiny. Yet if we follow the trajectory from Anti-Oedipus (1972) to A Thousand Plateaus (1980), it becomes clear that these problems were redeveloped during a period of historical transition marked by the end of the wars of decolonization, the transformation of global capitalism, and by recombinations of the forces of collective resistance that were as deep as they were uncertain.

In State and Politics, Guillaume Sibertin-Blanc measures how Deleuze and Guattari engage with the upheavals of their time by confronting their thought with its main interlocutor, Marxism, with its epistemological field (historical materialism), with its critical program (the critique of political economy), and with its political grammar (class struggle). Three new hypotheses emerge from these encounters: the hypothesis of the Urstaat, embodying an excess of sovereign violence over the State apparatus and over its political investments; the hypothesis of a power of the “war machine” that States can only ever appropriate partially, and to which they can be subordinated; and the hypothesis of an excess of “destructivism” in capitalist accumulation over its productive organization.

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Philosophy for Non-philosophers by Bloomsbury

Initiation à la philosophie pour les non-philosophes / Louis Althusser


In 1980, at the end of the most intensely political period of his work and life, Louis Althusser penned Philosophy for Non-philosophers. Available here for the first time in English, Philosophy for Non-philosophers constitutes a rigorous and engaged attempt to address a wide reading public unfamiliar with Althusser's project. As such, the work is a concentration of the most fundamental theses of Althusser's own ideas, and presents a synthesis of his sprawling and disparate philosophical and political writings. Nowhere else does Althusser push the distinction between philosophy and other disciplines as far, or develop in such detail the concept of 'practice'. Rather than a work of 'popular philosophy', Philosophy for Non-philosophers is a continuation and conglomeration of Althusser's thought; a thought whose radicality is still perceptible in those that have followed since. Philosophy for Non-philosophers thus provides a vivid encapsulation of Althusser's seminal influence on the leading thinkers of today, including Ranciere, Badiou, Balibar, and Žižek.


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New Delhi - January 11 & 13, 2016 ; Paris - April 17, 2016

Nonfiction: top tips to successfully contract rights and an overview of new trends in France


At the French Publishers Forum of the New Delhi Book Fair, Presses Universitaires de France participated in a roundtable on new trends in publishing non-fiction which took place on January 11, 2016.  Among other subjects were discussed: innovative strategies on copyright; issues of commissioning translation and the use of English and Indian languages. Two days later, Presses Universitaires de France took part in the Globalocal talks, an annual convention hosted by the German Book Office in New Delhi, where guests shared their top tips on how to contract rights successfully. Franco-Indian dialogue was reinforced in April 2016 on the occasion of the French Book Fair in France, where Indian publishers Rajpal and Juggernaut, and French publishers Presses Universitaires de France, Robert Laffont, Le Cerf and L’Atalante exchanged views on the theme, “stakes and challenges of Indian publishing.”




Buenos Aires, Alliance Française - 23 May 2013

Meeting of HSS translators 


Encouraged by the recent increase in the exchange of translation rights, Presses Universitaires de France and the French Book Office organised a meeting devoted to translators of social sciences and humanities. This meeting, which took place at the Alliance Française in Buenos Aires, focused on the difficulties and specificities of translation in the domain of social sciences and humanities, the contribution made by translators to the dissemination of French ideas and the multiple possibilities offered to authors by translation projects.




Paris, EHESS - 26 September 2012

Publishing the humanities and social science digitally

Workshop proposed and organized in the context of THATcamp 2012 

In La Grande conversion numérique, Milad Doueihi wrote that traditional publishers were like tourists discovering an unknown country which they find disturbing. Instead of dragging their feet, resisting change and haphazardly perpetuating the old standards (sometimes blindly), in a context where they can no longer function as they are, they should be imagining new structures (Paris, Le Seuil, 2011, p. 303). That HSS publishers must follow the developments of digital technology in the humanities is indisputable. How must they acquire the necessary skills to create these ‘new’ books? Will they eventually enjoy the rapid changes of digital reality? Will they continue to be the authors’ privileged partners, guaranteeing their rights in transactions with third parties as well as the editorial quality of their work? 

The proceedings of the workshop: http://books.openedition.org/editionsmsh/293?lang=fr
About  THATcamp: http://tcp.hypotheses.org/411




Paris - 15 June 2012

Translating humanities and social sciences 


An event organized by PUF and geared toward translators working in the fields of humanities and social sciences. Over forty translators working to and from languages as diverse as German, Japanese, Chinese and Russian attended the gathering, held in Paris. Translators were able to discuss amongst themselves, sharing experiences and trajectories. It emerged that there is no one formula for becoming a translator, except interest and, often, academic training in the field the translator is working in. A new collaborative platform dedicated to translation, TLHub, was also presented at the gathering, informing the translators present about what technology can do for their profession. In short, the event was a way of formalizing a dialogue about translation that has been growing in scope over the past few years, and seems bound to continue.




Beijing, French Institute in Beijing – April 7, 2012

Edit, translate and publish academic authors in China and in France

This one-day event for professionals, which took place on 7th April 2012 at the French Institute in China, was a PUF initiative organized with the support of the French Book Office. It aimed to bring researchers, publishers, translators and booksellers together in order to launch a collective reflection around the shared objectives of humanities publishers in France and in China (to showcase the fruit of research, satisfy the demands of a specialized public, widen the readership, inform societal debate) and the challenges they have to face today (development of digital technology, the invention of new ways of reading, writing and diffusion). The day was organized in four round tables, notably one devoted to the different problems related to translation but also the various subsidies available for translations, the contribution translators make to diffusing research and introducing authors of major texts to the public, and finally, the multiple possibilities translation projects offer authors (writing prefaces, adding chapters, updating bibliographies, corrections). 






Foreign Rights - Contacts


The Foreign Rights Department promotes books published by Presses Universitaires de France to approximately 1200 foreign publishers. To do this, they regularly diffuse information on new titles, attend international book fairs and organise study trips. They also work through agents, especially for the United States, Japan, China, Korea, Spanish-speaking countries and Greece. This department is highly attentive to the legality of the process of publishing foreign editions and assures the liaison between authors and foreign publishers.




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Le service des droits dérivés se charge de répondre à toutes les demandes d'autorisation de reproduction d’extraits. Il répond également aux demandes concernant les projets d’édition poche, d’édition club, d’adaptation théâtrale et audio-visuelle ainsi que les projets numériques. Ce service veille en particulier au respect dû au texte, au règlement des droits et à la défense du copyright.


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